Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A story to remember

I was beaten and hit by hubby ( Insan Pendidik) on May 21st, that forced me to lodge a police report and was referred to HKL for check up. To be franked , his act was not a shocked to me...., expected long before it happened. Of course I was sad, not because of the punch but more because that was the price I need to pay for marrying someone who claimed he loved me. "Sayang teramat-amat dan kau yang ku panggil sayang". He promised he'll 'tatang me bagai minyak yang penuh". I was speechless, my whole arm was swollen and my back and arm was fulled with bruises, even until now the marks and pain are still there.
I cried when I wrote the report. I was questioned by the doctors and police and was categorized as 'battered wife'....golongan isteri-isteri yang teraniaya. The doctors who examined me asked me whether I want to be referred to councellors or shelter home ( that really sound serious to me) but I rejected both. I believe I am very strong to face any consequences, if not I wouldn't have been there all by myself. Actually I was used to helping many other "battered wives" fighting for their freedom and rights before . This time was just my turn. I should have been stronger than them.
I called my mom and mom called my husband and of course he denied hurting me. My auntie saw the bruises and called my mom to prove the act. And now mom is at the hospital. I regretted putting so much pressure on her over my situation.
Today ,mom called again and asked whether I was okay. I was busy at school and do not have much time to think about anything. There' s Teacher's Day to handle, meetings to chair and this Saturday I will be flying to Jakarta with my eldest daughter Sarah and a group of teachers. I was chased out of the house without parents and siblings nearby but I have to be strong for the sake of my three children.I have better plan for me and my kids end of this year and hope everything will go on smoothly....may Allah help me passing through this test and may better life awaiting me ahead...God willing.Insyaaalah
I just remembered a note from my late bf , "Abang doakan Yatie bahagia bersama anak-anak yatie". Of course Abang.....Tie akan bahagia HANYA bersama anak-anak Tie dan semoga Tie masih dapat berjumpa Abang di true love. I don't need a man beside me anymore. I just want my life to be happier and more peaceful.