Friday, August 22, 2008

E-mail From Momma

I received an email from Momma yesterday after sending my message to her about a month ago.The email says.......

Hello dearest!
Is it school holiday for you now? I noticed lots of children in the stores yesterday and wondered if it was a school holiday and if you were in Butterworth or nearby? I couldn’t remember the school calendar here because I don’t have children in school!

Gabe , our youngest son and his wife and their 2 yr old daughter are here until Tuesday and then we go with them to Thailand. I was hoping you could meet them, but then I couldn’t’ t remember when your school break was…

We will go to Langkawi tomorrow through Sat evening. It will my first time there, so I am looking forward to seeing the pretty water.
I think Gabriel, Dawn, and Sailor will be back in Penang during Christmas break, so I hope you can come to see me or I go to see you.
Give all of your beautiful children a big squeezy hug for me. Please forgive my sporadic writing, but I do think about you often and pray for God’ strength upon your life to do all the things you have to do.
Mommy Margaret

Here are pictures of Momma, Tony and family 20 years back and the recent one to be shared.Joshua, Ben, Chris and Gabriel are all grown up and have their own family. Love them all so much