Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daniel's admitted

Daniel, my little baby boy had cough and fever the other day.After several visits to the private clinic and taking fancy antibiotic,the fever does not seem to settle down . So I decided to bring him to a government clinic. I was suggested to refer him to the hospital as he was suspected for having pneumonia. Instead of choosing to admit him to GH paedriatric Institute, I chose to try the new Ampang Hospital .
I rushed him to the Emergency Ward and he was put on neb before they took his blood and he was so traumatized during the line setting. After a few attempts ,they surrendered and admitted him immediately .

I have many things to complain. Mother's bed was not proper, It's just a simple folded couch. Daniel slept with me on the couch and so do other mothers and their babies.The cot was too dangerous for little baby like Daniel (just at his waist level). I wouldn't dare leave Daniel unattended even if I really need to go to the bathroom.

Daniel was discharged on the 4 th day. I was relieved for I hated one of the doctors there so much.She was just very unlucky to have a patient's mother who knew quite a lot about medical treatment.I was lucky, she wouldn't dare be outspoken to me after knowing that I am a teacher and I speak better English than she .My opinion about this doctor is that she is not fit to become a doctor. The Health Minister should send this doctor for more professional courses to improve her communication skill.Being a doctor is not just about treating patients . It is more about how the patient is been treated.A smile can actually make a lot of different.

This is my new friend, an Indonesian mother who is married to a Malay man.She is good at massaging. She was treated very badly by the doctor . She said, only after seeing how bold I was with the doctors, she got the courage to say her rights as a mother to her baby Ilham.