Friday, May 30, 2008

A divine appointment

This is my adopted Momma and dad , Margaret and Tony Foster. After 25 years, we finally met at my house on April 24th. The last time we met I was 15, young and naive and Momma and Tony were in Penang with their 3 boys Joshua, Benjamin and Christopher. We met at the Ferringhi Beach and a year after that they flew back to the states. It's very hard to say how Momma and me managed to keep in touch , passing through all those years sharing stories, from cards to letters and now emails .But it just happened, without we knowing it, we had passed those years and finally after 25 years we got to see each other again, both in different shape and colours. Momma and Tony are now in the States and will be back to Penang somewhere in June. I am looking forward to meeting them again soon.Hopefully this time I have more time to be spend with.