Saturday, January 12, 2008

My tight schedule

It's already 12th January. I never got the chance to wish Happy New Year to anybody. Starting from January 27th, meetings are all I need to attend. I can never be sure when will this be end. This year I got back the discipline teacher post which I hated the most but by being a discipline teacher my teaching periods will be reduced and no more form teacher clerical work which will give me more concentration on the teaching.That's the best for this year. Two other men discipline teacher will definitely lesser my burden.

Without a maid around, my routine starts at 5 a.m and ended at 12 pm.My previous maid had left a lot of damages to my house and things. It took a week for me to clear the mess she made. Was I the boss or she?Even when she was around, I was the one cleaning her toilet three times. Sakit hati but not having her around also will take me few days to get adjusted to work and time . Wanna know how tired I got this last few days....

5.00 am- wake up, prepare breakfast, solat , basuh baju and clean the house
6.45 am-hubby and arianna left to kindergarten and work
7.15 am- Sarah wakes up, ask her to take a bath,take breakfast
7.55 am- with Daniel along I send Sarah to her kelas agama
8.15 am- go marketing at nearby shops, feed Daniel , bathe him and put him back to sleep
9.00 a.m- start cooking
9.45 a.m- carry Daniel and left home to fetch Sarah
10.15 am- continue cooking while Sarah entertain Daniel
11.00 am- prepare lunch for Sarah and dress her up
11.30am- I prepare myself to work while Daniel crying for attention.
12.00pm- pack my lunch and Sarah's for recess time
12.30pm-left home to send Daniel to Nursery and Sarah to school
1.00pm-6.45pm- KERJA
7.15- reach home, panaskan lauk, makan , mandi ,pray
9.00pm-12pm - fold baju,cleaning again, ironing,and preparing for the kids baju for the next day.

My hubby complained I made noise by vacuuming in the middle of the nite. No choice ma... what to do. I asked him to wait for somebody to invent a quieter vacuum cleaner.If I didn't do that, the next day will be another chaos.

TIRED nya..............

Activating NURIN Alert for Nini

Citizens For NURIN Alert - a group of concerned citizens advocating an alert system in finding, locating and saving missing children -- is pleased that Celcom, LiteFM (and its sister stations), television stations and the print media have taken prompt pro-active measures in complementing police efforts to find 5 year-old Nini (Sharlinie Mohd Nashar) who has been missing since she was abducted at a playground in Taman Dato Harun (PJS) on Wednesday (Jan 9).

CFNA Jasni Abdul Jalil said in advocating the introduction and implementation of NURIN Alert (modelled on AMBER Alert, the original US mechanism), Citizens For NURIN Alert hopes that these bodies continue unabated in volunteering to fortify efforts to save Nini in the shortest possible time.

The action by Celcom and the broadcasting and print media is key in activating a system like AMBER alert on which the proposed NURIN Alert is based.

This will go far in the search and rescue for Nini.

Citizens For NURIN Alert is pleased with the swift and serious action by Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in appealing to TV stations to flash Nini's picture as often as possible and in warning her abductors not to harm her.

CFNA believes that time is key in the seach for Nini.

All that had taken place since Nini was reported missing on Wednesday has demonstrated the mechanism by which the proposed NURIN Alert works.

With new cases of missing children, CFNA feels that it is all the more compelling that an alert system such as the proposed Nurin Alert be swiftly put in place.

At this stage CFNA is working closely with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, a corporation and a unit of the Royal Malaysian Police as well as a group of professionals to make NURIN Alert a reality.

Citizens For NURIN Alert was formed following the death of 8 year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin in September last year.

Nurin was abducted on Aug 20 near her home in Wangsa Maju. Her brutalized body was found stuffed in a sports bag at a shoplot in PJ on September 17.

It was felt that not enough had been done to search for her and to save her in the 28days that she went missing.

CFNA felt that an alert mechanism modelled on AMBER Alert should be in place "to save the next child" as AMBER Alert had proven to be highly effective, and thus, successful in saving he lives of missing children.

Nurin's death should not be in vain. NURIN Alert is named (with her parents' blessings) after her and is in her memory.

CFNA's pro-tem committee comprise chairman Kamal Affandi, Jasni, and committee members Nik Farez, Nur Azrina Abdul Samad, Hanizah Hashim and Nuraina Abdul Samad.

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