Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celebrating Raya

Celebrating Hari Raya in Penang was great. This year raya, I gave my two little children a little bit of freedom to go ' raya' and collecting 'greenpow' with their cousins and asked them to take care of each other. Arianna, my five year old came back with a dirty sarung . The ground was wet due to heavy rain a day before.When I asked her, she cried as loud as she could.She was scared that I 'll scold her.

On the first day , my second brother had a BBQ at his home that evening. The kids had great time swimming in his own made pool. I didn't prepare any swimming attire for my children as the sky was getting darker and I was not really happy to let them playing in the pool at that hour.Hence ,they themselves nego with their cousin to lend them her T-shirts.They left us without much choice than to let them in. We finally let them in with a condition; cannot be more than 15 minutes.

We then rushed back home as my mom had invited my uncle and his family to come for another BBQ at home.The next day was lunch at my eldest brother's house.

I called my momma Margaret inviting her to my family's house but was disappointed that she was in Cambodia meeting her friend's there. We were hoping to meet again, maybe in Penang, during Christmas.It seems , the grown up'kids', Joshua, Ben,Christ ,Gabe and their families will be joining them from the State.

This year raya was as great as before. Only that, this time I came back later than I was supposed to. We left Penang before able to see the new air-conditioner . It was a last minute decision when I decided the old air-conditioner needs a replacement.The old one was really really old.Since I don't have much time to hunt for the new one, dad volunteered to do the hunting. Luckily, my brother Halim, offered to help him

As for me, It doesn't matter whether I got to see the new air-con or not, as long as it benefits my family and who ever come to the house in future.We already have 3 there but mom needs one more for the up stair's hall. According to her, she and her friends used to have a Quran Reading there. I asked mom to wait and pray for more 'rezeki' to come, Insyaallah, I'll sure try my best to fulfill her wish...anything that will make the both of them happy.