Saturday, March 22, 2008

AF 6

Hari ni ingat nak cakap pasal AF6. Actually I dun have much time to watch TV.The only show I look forward to is Oprah at every 10pm.Other than that I'll stay up with true ghost story"The hauntings" and other NG or Discovery Channel shows. News is a must but with the kids around arguing with each other and singing aloud,it's very hard for me to pay attention . It's either me or my hubby will need to 'shh' the kids to keep them silence .
Now, every day will be something to look forward as Af6 is now on aired. Only that without Aznil, the nites would not be the same.
This time, two of my ex students are in AF6. Last year Rosliza (Leez), my prefect and this year Faizal and Nadia Haswani. Both from different schools as I taught in both of their schools . Faizal was quite active in nasyid competitions during my time at his school. I was given the responsibility to train his nasyid group and the year I took over , they won and finally represented Wilayah Persekutuan to the national level.One thing I dun favor Faizal and his group was their attitude. I remember telling them a few times to wait for me at where I want to train them and they either dun turn up or late . The next time I heard was a complain from Faizal and his friends that I didn't train them. I told my principal that I was also in charge of teaching the exam classes (PMR and SPM), so time is crucial for me . I can't miss any of my teaching classes, so it's either they stick to my time or be on their own. I then sacrificed my Saturdays for them but with their same attitude I told my principal that I do not wish to accompany them to the national level competition. My principal persuaded me and insisted I go with them. I already told her....I took MC on that Saturday and left them looking for another teacher to replace me. They lose that competition and never win after that. Served them right.

Nadia, on the other hand was very quiet in class when I taught her in form 3. In fact the whole class was very quiet when I first taught them. That was because I was the discipline teacher at that time.Even after knowing that I wasn't that 'fierce', she still didn't talk much. I was surprised she was among those getting 'A's ' for my subject .
Nadia seems to change when she was in form 4 and 5. Only then she takes part in singing performance in school.She got a good husky voice and I like her tone. When she was in form five, I was called by the Head of the department to see and comment her performance during " Hari Anugerah Cemerlang'. I was the MC for that day. She and her friends did very badly and I asked her the reason.She said she was having a sore throat . It seems that she was also going to have another 'show' that nite. I asked her whether she wants to sing or not with her bad condition and performance. She said she actually didn't want. Since we were running out of time ,I asked them to either shorten and improve their 'musical drama' or cancel the whole performance. They agreed to cancel. The next day, my friend who was then took over my discipline position as I want to be in the afternoon session came shouting and scolding me and my head of the department for canceling their performance. She was actually training the group. I was quite shocked that Nadia told her, I refused to let her sing.They were called and get the whole scolding from me for telling that lie.

Both Nadia and Faizal are those berlagak pandai students. They always think they are good and need no guidance.I am glad they are in AF , so that they can learn something from the experts.
I have two things to regret.One, to see my ex students becoming singers instead of some professionals. I was told that Siti Sarah came to school to tayang her Mat Salleh fiance.Those years when she was my student, she tried to tell me she want to be a singer. She thought I will support her but instead she got my scoldings.
Two, for not going for AF talent test , Kalau dapat masuk AF, I can meet them and say..see I can sing but I also have a degree.