Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yuni dah balik kampung

Today, Yuni my maid just ended her 2 years contract and flew back to Medan.What to say.....? Relief or sad ? Yesterday, after coming back from my school meeting which ended at 1 pm, I forced her to help me with the cleaning of her room which will be transfered into sarah and Arianna's room. Guess what....? Only then I found out she never wash her room's curtain since the last two years .
Relief or sad..........? She left me with broken vacuum, broken blender and the washing machine is now producing funny kind of noises. My TEFAL nonstick pan was also full of scrubs. I even had to wash her toilet.
Sri Wahyuni was my second maid. The first one had the same name too. The first Yuni was even worst.
I started having a maid when I gave birth to my second baby.That was in 2004. I used to send my kids to my mom in law who lives nearby but after seeing how busy she was with the house chores, I then decided to take a helper under my mother in law's supervision. In other word, this maid will do the cleaning at my home and then sent to my mother in law's house together with the kids. I finally got a 22 year old Indonesian maid from Medan. On the first day she came she dropped and broke my blender . The second day, she pocked my daughter's eyes with a feather duster. The third day and the rest, she woke up at 8-9 am everyday. At that time I was teaching in the afternoon. She started vacuuming the house at 9.30 am.Mopping was only done when I asked her. Aduihhhhhh I got a headache with this girl. At the beginning I just hold back my anger until one of my friends taught me to teach her a lesson. I wasn't good at scolding people before....tak sampai hati but after getting pushed by a friend one day, I took the courage to scold her. My friend even taught me to kick the door if she refuse to open and get up early. The first try, I called to wake her up but she refused to open the door.This girl was really stubborn that i finally got blew up with her. I scolded her like anything. She then cried and promised to change.
I was then asked to teach in the morning and whether she like it or not she needs to get up early.
This time she always got me late to work. In fact I had a few times waiting for her in the car while she does her cleaning. My mother in law then complained that every time she reaches her house, she will put the baby in the swing and begin sleeping on the sofa. I then caught her sleeping on the sofa when I came back from school one day. I thought she was sick but was told that she was fine. Siap berselimut lagi. Rupanya budak ni kuat tidur.I don't know what to say.
She then came up with a story that she was pregnant before and had an abortion.I was really shocked. I dont have to force her anything, she told me everything ...about her living together with a man for a year, worked in Malaysia for a year and was sent back by her employer.She then told me that she wanted to work for a year as now her new boyfriend wanted to marry her.I thought 'macam-macam budak ni'. I told my mother in law about this girl but she doesn't believe much of what I said until..... I had a three week course in Terengganu and I asked my hubby to bring the kids and Yuni to stay at his mom's house. Within that period of time, my mother in law had all with her.She even scolded my mother in law for telling the neighbours that she was my maid. I really had enough with this girl. To cut short the story, it seems that her boyfriend had cheated her, so she wanted to continue working with me. I told her only one thing," bangun awal". She begged through my mother in law but I had made up my mind. Everybody voted for her to be sent back but whether they voted the otherwise, my decision was final.She was sent back to Medan but had made a plan to be my own mother's adopted daughter. Luckily my mom told me. She called my mom and asked her when was she coming to take her back. My mom also one thing.....she only knew this girl for a few days and already plan to take her as her helper cum anak angkat. I brought Yuni back to Penang once and told her not to 'embarass' me and my mom gamaknya terpikat dengan 'kerajinan' this girl. I have 3 single brothers in the house . Luckily my mom told me, she might have felt guilty over betraying her own daughter. I told my mom if she wants to be this girl's kuli then it's good for her to 'take' this girl.I knew my mom and dad very well. They pity poor people. With this girl coming up with lots of sad stories ,sure enough they will buy every thing she said.
When we were kids, I remembered having a maid at home. We were warned by our parents to treat the maid like family. Jangan mimpilah the maid will serve us. Everything must be prepared on our own. We even had breakfast together with her.
I was angry because my mother trusted Indonesian maid more than her own daughter. Even though I spend less years in the family , I am still her daughter ( I stayed with my family until I was 12 and after that i started boarding school life, college life, university life and single life on my own and now married life. My parents knew very little about me except that I am rebelious, outspoken and kuat merajuk). Tak kisahlah.....after all where did that 'perangai' come from. Back to Yuni no 1 case, I threatened my mom that should she brought back this girl, she will never see me again.
Will tell more about Yuni no 2 in my next post