Saturday, December 29, 2007

A journey to The Palace of The golden Horses

Dah lama benar rasanya tak menulis. Banyak sebenarnya yang hendak dicerita but my server suddenly went down.Entah apa masalahnya hanya beberapa web tertentu saja yang boleh dibuka. Dalam pada sedang memikir what's the problem, hari ini dapat berita baik from hubby semua dah okay.Yahoo.....I can post again.
Well, today thought of posting about my previous visit to The Palace Of The Golden Horses. I got a call from NUTP ( Teacher's Union), asking whether I can make my way to 'The Palace' on December 11th as there will be a MELTA Colloquium where I have to participate in giving opinion on the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English. I agreed to go as the President of MELTA was actually my former lecturer in UPM and anything to do with MELTA is normally very costly.
Since the meeting will be at 9 am and I need to register myself by 8.30, I planned to leave from home at 7.30 but my hubby suggested I leave at 7 am as I wasn't sure where the place is. I have seen the signboard somewhere along the highway but wasn't sure the exact place.Anyway I left at 8 am. Perempuan lah katakan.....nak bersiap, nak menyusu anak, nak itu nak ini.So I sped like mad and was very lucky, there was no traffic..The road was mine.By 8.15 from Setiawangsa I was already there. I turned into where the sign was and just go along the road. There was a roundabout and after that I don't know where I was heading. That's more signboards. I just followed my drivers instinct , pusing sana pusing sini.Nasib baik naik kereta and not jalan kaki. Finally I take a turn and passed the toll, so asked the toll girl "Dik mana Palace Of the Golden Horses". " Tuuuu", she pointed at where I need to make my head turned. It was just behind me. I just past this place. The question now how do I get there when it was behind me and I was just passing the toll. The girl asked me to keep to the left and turn left.I followed but there was no left turning into the hotel. I made up my mind to make a U turning and finally I was there by 8.45 . I have passed the place but the signboard was too small. There was a horse painting there but that cannot replace a signboard.
Anyhow the hectic journey turned into sweet memories. Met a few new friends there. The colloquium was attended by teachers,lecturers,KPM,JPN, PIBGN , professional individuals and Mukhriz Mahathir as speaker.
Right at the end of Mukhriz speech, I went and see him to pass a short note to Tun Dr M. Just to show my appreciation to Tun. Sementara Tun masih adalah, kita perlu tunjukkan perhargaan kita, bila orang dah tak ada..dah tak ada guna lagi.I have a lot to talk about Tun but may be some other time. Mukriz is as humble as his father.He said his father was just here so he can drop by and pass him my note.My new friend Jumi was already waiting for me so I can't talk much but Jumi regretted very much that she didn't do the same thing I did. Never mind Jumi, we'll find our time and visit Tun someday. Thank you Tun for everything including the idea of that beautiful Palace Of The Golden Horses.