Friday, December 7, 2007

Hindraf,Hindraf, Hindraf

Hindraf, Hindraf and Hindraf. I called my best buddy Shan and asked what was all this about. Shan told me everything. I then told Shan " our government also one thing, this people just want to gather and get the memorandum passed on, just let them lah". Shan seems to disagreed, "No T, this is more than that." Shan had her own opinion.
Shanta is not the only Indian best friend I have. Before she, Julie was my best buddy.We were like cream biscuit, glued together.In fact I was even closer to her parents, Amma and Anyah. They were like my own parents. When they moved to a flat house in Wangsa Maju, I also moved with them. At that time, they were staying on the first floor and me with other bachelors friends on the top floor. So almost everyday, my face will be seen in her house. In fact I also had my lunch and dinner there. I have nothing to worry as amma and anyah only cook halal food. I would never forget them, they have never treated me like strangers. In fact when I stayed with them during the fasting month, amma will get up early in the morning to prepare for my "sahur".
When anyah got sick in Teluk Intan, Julie and me rushed to Teluk Intan, so her whole relatives then knew me. Even though being the only Malay surrounded my Indian family, I never felt left out or out of place. Julie also felt the same way when spending time with my family.My family treated her the same way I was treated by hers.I then became close to Shan after Julie got married to Shekar in 1995.
Shanta, Julie and I were from the same college. We have known each other, for more than 20 years. I was 19 when I first met Julie. Until now, am still in touch with Julie and Shan. Anyah and Shan's father had passed can I thanked her? I love her with all my heart and I missed her very dearly. Thinking about Shan and Julie just reminded me to my other best friends; Nandi, Albert, Ravinder, Leong, Ong, Kate Lan and Kimmy. Even though we are from different race and religion, it never stopped us from being best friends.
Shan, Julie and I then furthered our studies, did our degrees and master and now teaching in secondary schools. We all got paid from the government.
My point here...I didn't see any discriminations here, other than sharing the same peaceful country. What on earth were the Hindrafs thinking. What was all these street demonstration about ? Human rights ? There are millions of other people living in their own country with full of rights given to them. But what can the 'rights' do to them when they are homeless, jobless and begging for other people's money.
I love this country and so do Shan, Julie, Amma and my other friends. Our leaders had fought for our independence for more than a hundred years.Being independent for 50 years is not enough to replace that hardest time of our ancestors . We need to live this way for another 100 years for the sake of our children, grandchildren and great great grandchildren. I believed every Malaysian wants to see their children growing, getting education,working, getting married and have their own children.
To all Malaysians, being selfish is not doing any better to us. It took more than a 100 years to build a country but it will only take a second to destroy it. Once it's destroyed, it will take another 100 years to rebuild.Within that years what are we going to do....suffer just like the Iraqi and Afghanistani??? They have all the rights in their country but what is the point of having that rights when their country is under occupancy. Have we forgotten the bloody May 13th ? I was a year old when it happened but hearing and reading about the incident, I can see clearly how much this incident should not repeat.TRUST each other and we'll be independent for the next 50 years.